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Dr. Bian

Dr. Dong Bian, CEO & founder of EenPlus, is a professor, entrepreneur, investor and business consultant. He spent over 20 years in China, Europe and US in MBA, EMBA and DBA education and conducted consulting, training and operations for many international firms. His past experiences include Huawei Technologies, Intercom S.A., IESE Business School, EMLyon Business School, Dalian University of Technology, MiniBanker, EenPlus and Chicagofrogx investment.


Miri is the chief academic adviser of EenPlus. She manages a number of Israeli kindergartens and has years of course development, kindergarten management and academic, operation consulting. Miri contributes enormously to EenPlus academic development  globally. 


With a background in PR, crisis management, communications and a wide network in Israel, Eli is functioning as a gate from Israel to the world for EenPlus. His professional engagement makes EenPlus trust-worthy and reliable among Chinese and Israeli organizations. He is the representative of EenPlus in Israel


Michelle is a curriculum developer. She is the director in Creative Thinkers. She wrote 5 books about STEAM and kids creativity.  Currently she has joined EenPlus writing team and has contributed to the "Pillars of Leadership" program


Sally  is EenPlus global HR adviser.  She has over 25 years in human resource management, corporate strategy and team capability development. Her contribution is to advice the top management of EenPlus on corporate structure, people management and learning. 

Dr. Friedler

Dr. Arieh Friedler, Chairman of EenPlus Academic Committee, is an experienced finance quotient (FQ) educator from Israel. His past over 40 years of experiences include teaching at Tel Aviv University and Liverpool University, educational program development, curriculum design, and faculty training and management. He is now leading an Israeli team to contribute to EenPlus global growth.  

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