About Us

Eenplus was founded by a group of Israeli teachers, principals, professors, consultants and entrepreneurs. We believe kids start to explore and build up foundation for future capabilities in their early ages, develop their capabilities when they are teenagers and skillfully apply them as they are 20s or 30s. A good foundation built up during the early childhood will determine how capable a kid can deal with various problems and challenges in the society in the future. 

Jewish or Israeli early childhood education and capability development focus on kids' emotional intelligence, socialization, innovation development and critical thinking.  Collaborating with Israeli research institutions, professionals and practitioners and supported by Chinese teachers, principals and scholars, EenPlus organically combines Jewish family education, preschool education and science & innovation education with Chinese traditional culture and philosophy. We think the complementary of the two education systems, if properly designed and integrated, can make great contributions to kids capability development. 

EenPlus: 5C Science Kindergarten


We use science as a tool to develop kids' 5C capabilities




Critical Thinking

Cooperative Learning


Upcoming Events:
Family Day - 22.9.2018

EenPlus will hold a Family Day on Jan. 6, 2019 in Shanghai, China. 

The purpose of this Family Day is to let our faculty interact with parents and kids, introduce them the uniqueness of EenPlus kindergarten programs and answer their questions. 

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