"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​0-3-Year-Old Day Care Class (DC0 and DC1)


EenPlus offers two kinds of Day Care programs for babies 0-3 years old. 

DC1: Day Care Program with Parents

DC0: Day Care Program without Parents.

EenPlus' DC0 is the first Day Care program in China without involvement of parents. We provide comprehensive solution to Chinese kindergartens. 

​3-6-Year-Old Kindergarten Class (KN1, KN2 and KN3)

KN1: kids aged 3-4

KN2: kids aged 4-5

KN3: kids aged 5-6

EenPlus developed 3-year kindergarten courses with innovative teaching gears for Chinese kindergartens. We provide EenPlus-IPed programs, conduct hands-on faculty training, and send Jewish faculty to work with our partners' faculty to ensure their competitive operations in China.

Kindergarten Class for Special Kids (KNS)


EenPlus' experts from China and Israel also built up courses for special kids.  Our faculty in Israel have over 15 years of special education experiences.   The programs are customized for the Chinese market. 

Kids Capability Development (KCD)


EenPlus focuses on the following kids capability development

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking

  • Innovation

  • Problem Solving

  • Self-expression

KCD teachers are certified by EenPlus with proved teaching record and world-class teaching expertise. The age group of the target students are  6-9 years old. We adopt activity-based teaching methods to help kids construct, optimize their thought systems, think critically and organize resources to act to solve problems.   

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