5C Science Kindergarten

About us

EenPlus focuses on kids (0-6 and 6-9  years old) capability development. We combine Jewish Early Childhood Education and unique teaching methodologies with Chinese philosophy and traditions.


EenPlus takes the advantages of the two world-class education systems to try to make kids more innovative and competitive in the future.


6-9 Innovation and Critical Thinking

3-6 Kindergarten

0-3 Day Care

0-6 Kindergarten for special kids

We, supported by Israeli top universities and experienced professionals, developed the above courses. Those courses are proved in Israel, China and other Jewish communities in the world. 

Meet our staff

Our teachers, principals, trainers are from Israel and China. They are innovative, knowledgeable,  sunny and professional. All of them have very in-depth kindergarten field experiences and kids capability development skills. 

We provide all-context learning solutions for the world.

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